Unlockable may refer to:

  • Unlockable (gaming), content that is available in video games but not accessible unless something is performed by the user to access to it
    • Unlockable character, characters that can be unlocked in a video game
    • Unlockable games, full video games that can be unlocked within another video game, often as easter eggs

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Sega Genesis Collection - Extras
... This collection also features more than thirty-five minutes of unlockable interviews from SEGA of Japan, a "museum" with facts about the games, strategy tips and box art for each game, as well as a "Sega ... The PS2's unlockable arcade titles are Altered Beast (Arcade version) - Released in 1988 Future Spy - Released in 1984 Tac/Scan - Released in 1982 Zaxxon - Released in ...
California Speed (video Game) - Tracks
... Mount Shasta Yosemite Mojave Desert These are the unlockable stages (N64 Only) Clover Oval Fuji San Andreas California This game is also featured in an arcade version, which does not feature the unlockable cars ... more stages with those above (excluding the unlockable stages), all in total of 14 stages, they are Laguna Seca Raceway Willow Springs Raceway Sears Point Raceway ...
Pain (video Game) - Gameplay - Levels
... original environment, Downtown, which is a sandbox level with 3 unlockable environments ... Abusement Park, with one unlockable environment, and modes Fun With Explosives, Clown Toss, Hot N Cold, and Trauma ... down into two environments, Morningwood High School and Area 69, each with one unlockable environment, and modes Fun With Explosives, PAINalympics, and Mad ...
Charles Lewis, Jr. - Legacy
... in the video game UFC 2009 Undisputed as an unlockable fighter along with "Skyscrape" and "Punkass" all not dressed in standard UFC attire but in TapouT clothes including hats ... Unlockable by achieving three consecutive submission victories in Career mode, he fights in the Light Heavyweight class ... This time they were unlockable by a code that can be entered in the main menu ...
Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms - Americas Campaign - List of Factions
... Mayans, Apachean Tribes, Chichimeca (Unlockable), Tlaxcallans (Unlockable), Tarascans (Unlockable), New France (non-playable), English Colonies (non-playable) ...