University of Michigan–Dearborn

The University of Michigan–Dearborn (commonly referred to as UM-Dearborn, UM-D), is a public university located in Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

The University of Michigan–Dearborn is one of two regional campuses of the University of Michigan. The main campus in Ann Arbor, an internationally recognized and celebrated center for education and research, is located just 35 miles west of the UM-Dearborn campus; the other regional campus is in Flint. While governed by a single publicly elected Board of Regents, each campus has a unique mission, suite of academic programs, and identity as one of the 15 public universities of the State of Michigan. Each receives a separate appropriation in the state budget.

Originally known for its elite engineering and management programs, UM-D now offers over 90 academic majors, 28 masters degree programs, and 3 doctoral degree programs across all disciplines. Both the College of Computer Science and Engineering and the College of Business have been designated as some of the best programs in both the nation and region. A part of the Metro Detroit region, UM-D is also known for its community engagement within the city of Detroit, and is part of The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities.

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