United Nations Society of Writers - Board


After 15 years as president of the UN Society of Writers, Alfred de Zayas retired in December 2005, but remains as editor of the literary journal. Following the General Assembly of UNSW held on 7 October 2011 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the composition of the new UNSW Board is:

  • President David Winch
  • Vice-President: Carla Edelenbos
  • Secretary: Ngozi Ibekwe
  • Treasurer: Ivaylo Petrov
  • Editor-in-chief: Alfred de Zayas

Honorary President: Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG)

The new internet domain for the UNSW journal "Ex Tempore" www.extempore.ch is now operational. Inquiries can be addressed to extempore.unsw@gmail.com.

The April 2006 issue of UN Special brings an interesting article including a Rilke translation "Célébration des lettres" (http://www.unspecial.org/UNS650/t52.html). The January 2009 UN Special (11,000 copies) brings an essay UN Society of Writers welcomes 2009 written by de Zayas and elaborating on the vocation of UN staffers, in particularly writers, to work for peace and universal understanding. http://www.unspecial.org/UNS680/t24.html DIVA International, a Geneva quarterly, published in its number 2/2010 the article by Johannes van Aggelen "Celebrating Cultural Diversity - Ex Tempore at 20", pp. 32–33. The UN Special announced the publication of Vol. 21 of Ex Tempore, dedicated to Music as an international language, in an article: "Le Numéro XXI d'Ex Tempore est tiré; il faut le lire" U.N.Special, février 2011, p. 10. The June 2011 issue of UN Special reproduces an article from Ex Tempore XXI on pages 14/15.

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