Undersea Adventure

Undersea Adventure is an educational software program developed by Knowledge Adventure, released in 1994 and included along with IBM Aptiva PCs. It came packaged with a pair of 3D glasses. It was also bundled released with Space Adventure, Imax's Speed and Knowledge Adventure Demo of the adventure games with a Packard Bell Windows 3.1/MS-DOS 6.22. The software functions as an interactive encyclopedia featuring information on a wide variety of different oceans and its species, as well as a brief biography of explorer Jacques Cousteau. The program's main attraction is the Undersea Reference, an extensive underwater-themed encyclopedia featuring images and passages from the Random House Atlas of the Oceans by Mitchell Beazley and National Geographic among others.

Famous quotes containing the words adventure and/or undersea:

    A man I praise that once in Tara’s Halls
    Said to the woman on his knees, “Lie still,
    My hundredth year is at an end. I think
    That something is about to happen, I think
    That the adventure of old age begins....”
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Saturday mornings we listened to Red Lantern & his undersea folk.
    At 11, Let’s Pretend/& we did/& I, the poet, still do, Thank God!
    Imamu Amiri Baraka (b. 1934)