Uncial Script

Uncial Script

Uncial is a majuscule script (written entirely in capital letters) commonly used from the 3rd to 8th centuries AD by Latin and Greek scribes. Uncial letters were used to write Greek, Latin, and Gothic.

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Uncial Script - Half-uncial - Forms
... Some general forms of half-uncial letters are a is usually round, sometimes with a slightly open top b and d have vertical stems, identical to the modern letters g has a flat top ... it was used up to the 8th century, and developed into the insular script after the 8th century ...
Codex Zacynthius - Description
... The text was written in a single column with well-formed uncial script ... by a marginal commentary it is the only codex that has both text and commentary in uncial script ... Patristic text is written in small uncial letters ...

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