Ulrica, also spelled Ulrika, Ulrike, or Ulrikke, is a female given name of Germanic origins.

Ulrica may refer to:


  • Ulrika Eleonora, Queen of Sweden (1688–1741)
  • Ulrika Åberg (1771–1852), Swedish ballerina
  • Ulrica Arfvidsson (1734-1801), Swedish fortune teller
  • Ulrika Ericsson, Playboy Playmate of the Month for November 1996
  • Ulrika von Fersen (1749–1810), Swedish socialite, a known figure of the Gustavian age, the inspiration of a poem
  • Ulrika Jonsson (born 1967), Swedish personality on British television
  • Ulrika Melin (1767–1834), Swedish artist
  • Ulrika Pasch (1735-1796), Swedish painter
  • Ulrika Eleonora Stålhammar (1688–1733), Swedish soldier
  • Ulrika Ulla Stenberg (1774–1854), Swedish artist
  • Ulrika Ulla Tessin (1711-1768), Swedish lady in waiting, writer and dilettante artist
  • Ulrika Widström (1764–1841), Swedish poet
  • Ulrica Elisabeth von Liewen (1747-1775), rumored parent (along with King Adolf Frederick of Sweden) of Lolotte Forssberg

Fictional characters:

  • "Ulrikke" (short story), short story and character in Borges' 1975 anthology The Book of Sand
  • Ulrica, character in Walter Scott's 1819 novel Ivanhoe
  • Ulrica, contralto role in Verdi's 1859 opera Un ballo in maschera
  • Ulrica, role in Sullivan's 1891 opera Ivanhoe
  • Sister Ulrica, nun character in the 1980s TV series Tenko
  • Ulla Winblad, (Ulla is short for Ulrika) fictional prostitute

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