Uhlenbeck may refer to:

  • Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck (1866-1951), a linguist and lecturer at the University of Leiden.
  • George Eugene Uhlenbeck (1900 – 1988), Dutch/U.S.physicist
  • Karen Uhlenbeck (b. 1942), American mathematician
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Abraham Pais - Higher Education
... goals were defined by two guest lectures by George Uhlenbeck, professor of theoretical physics at University of Utrecht ... Pais was fascinated by Uhlenbeck's discussion of Enrico Fermi's incorporation of the neutrino into the theory of beta radiation ... Pais soon wrote to Uhlenbeck at Utrecht and was granted an interview ...
Loop Entropy - Wang-Uhlenbeck Entropy
... determined for a Gaussian polymer using a matrix method developed by Wang and Uhlenbeck ... The Wang-Uhlenbeck matrix is an symmetric, real matrix whose elements equal the number of common residues between loops and ... The corresponding Wang-Uhlenbeck matrix is whose determinant is 2340 ...
Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Operator
... In mathematics, the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck operator is a generalization of the Laplace operator to an infinite-dimensional setting ... The Ornstein–Uhlenbeck operator plays a significant role in the Malliavin calculus ...
Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck
... Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck (Voorburg, the Netherlands, 18 October 1866 – Lugano, Switzerland, 12 August 1951) was a Dutch linguist and anthropologist with a wide variety of research interests ... Uhlenbeck visited the Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana to conduct field work ... He was accompanied by his wife, Wilhelmina Maria Uhlenbeck, whose diary was later incorporated into their book about this expedition ...
Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Process - Application in Physical Sciences
... The Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process is a prototype of a noisy relaxation process ... length its stochastic dynamic is described by an Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process with where is derived from the Stokes–Einstein equation for the effective ... In physical sciences, the stochastic differential equation of an Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process is rewritten as a Langevin equation where is white Gaussian noise with ...