• (noun): (mineralogy) two interwoven crystals that are mirror images on each other.
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Ethereal Wave
... as an outgrowth of gothic rock, ethereal was mainly represented by bands such as Cocteau Twins and early Dead Can Dance ... Love Spirals Downwards, Cocteau Twins ... being heavily influenced by 4AD bands, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, and This Mortal Coil, as well as early All About Eve and Siouxsie and the Banshees ...
Palthainon - Characters - Caramon Majere
... The elder twin of Raistlin Majere ... and his brother Raistlin Majere's relationship was explored in the NY Times Best Seller Twins Trilogy ... enough for Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman to base the Twins Trilogy around Caramon's and Raistlin's relationship ...
Wondertwins - In Popular Culture
... shows Robin answering his cell phone and sharing gossip about "the hot Wonder Twin" ... of Robot Chicken the roles of Zan and Jayna were taken by the Olsen Twins ... The prizes were two decoder rings, which he and Turk used to pretend be the Wonder Twins ...
The Shining (film) - Cast - Cast Notes
... the Grady daughters, Lisa and Louise Burns, are identical twins however, the characters in the book and film script are merely sisters, not twins ... discussions about the film as "the Grady twins" ... in the staging of the Grady girls and the famous "Twins" photograph by Diane Arbus has been noted both by Arbus' biographer, Patricia Bosworth, and by numerous Kubrick critics ...
Bob Casey (baseball Announcer)
... public address announcer in Minnesota Twins history until 2005 ... He started announcing Twins games when the franchise moved to Minnesota from Washington, D.C ... Casey worked 44 seasons and more than 3,000 games for the Twins ...

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  • (noun): The third sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about May 21 to June 20.
    Synonyms: Gemini, Gemini the Twins

Famous quotes containing the word twins:

    What if there are not only two nostrils, two eyes, two lobes, and so forth, but two psyches as well, and they are separately equipped? They go through life like Siamese twins inside one person.... They can be just a little different, like identical twins, or they can be vastly different, like good and evil.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)

    Sisters we are, yea, twins we be,
    Yet deadly feud ‘twixt thee and me;
    For from one father are we not,
    Thou by old Adam wast begot,
    But my arise is from above,
    Anne Bradstreet (c. 1612–1672)

    There is absolutely no evidence—developmental or otherwise—to support separating twins in school as a general policy. . . . The best policy seems to be no policy at all, which means that each year, you and your children need to decide what will work best for you.
    Pamela Patrick Novotny (20th century)