Besides Grave in Spanish, Tumba can refer to:


  • Tumba, Sweden - a town in Botkyrka, Sweden.
  • Tumba (Skopje) - an ancient Neolithic settlement in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • Tumba (Vranje) - a village in the Vranje municipality of southern Serbia.
  • Tumba Peak (Šar) - a mountain peak in south-east Kosovo.
  • Tumba Peak (Belasica) - a mountain peak where the borders of Bulgaria, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia meet
  • Tumba Peak (Cherna gora) - a mountain peak in western Bulgaria
  • Lake Tumba - a lake in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Bara Tumba - an ancient living area from Neolithic times in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • Veluška Tumba - an ancient living area from Neolithic times in the Republic of Macedonia.


  • Tumba (music genre) is a native musical form that is played in Aruba and Curaçao. Jan Gerard Palm was the first composer to write Tumbas.
  • Tumba (drum) - a rare kind of thin drum.
  • The tumba is the largest drum of the conga family.
  • Tumba francesa ('French tumba') is the name for a style of music brought from Haiti to Cuba following the Haitian slave rebellion of 1791.
  • Tumba is also the Panamanian colloquial name for a folkloric drum about 3 feet high, a foot across, mounted on a stand. It is struck with the hands.
  • Tumba Sound is a band from Fredericton New Brunswick Canada formed in the summer of 2010.


  • Sven Tumba, former Swedish ice hockey and golf player


  • Tumba Bruk - the printing company responsible for manufacturing of the Swedish krona banknotes, located in Tumba.
  • Another spelling for Thumba, India's first rocket launching site.
  • Tumba (drink) A Nepalese alcoholic beverage made from fermented millet or other cereals.

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Tumba, Sweden - Sports
... The following sports clubs are located in Tumba IFK Tumba FK. ...
Conga (comparsa) - Origins of The Conga
... the word “conga” is not found in written sources, there are references to “tumbas,” and, according to Brea and Millet (1993204), tumba refers to the percussion ensemble of the conga ... Tumba is mentioned in connection with mamarrachos (summer festivals in Santiago de Cuba) as early as 1847 (Pérez I 198854) ... A word that may be synonymous with tumba is the word tango, mentioned as early as 1856 (Pérez I 198879) ...
Sven Tumba
... Sven Tumba (born Sven Olof Gunnar Johansson 27 August 1931 – 1 October 2011) was one of the most prominent Swedish ice hockey players of the 1950s and 60s ... Johansson first became known as "Tumba" in the 1950s since there were other players with the same last name, and he grew up in the Swedish town of Tumba ... later he, along with Mona, legally changed his family name to Tumba ...
Sven Tumba - Golf
... career in ice hockey and football, Tumba dedicated himself to golf as a player, golf course designer and ambassador of the sport ... Tumba was one of the people who introduced golf into Sweden ... Tumba also officially introduced the game of golf to the former Soviet Union ...
Sven Tumba - Miscellaneous
... 1957-61 Own radio program, the Tumba Hour. 1981 Founded the Tumba Stipendium (grant) for handicapped sportsmen, that amongst other things gave Lev Yashin a hip joint replacement in Sweden. 2006 Founded the Sven Tumba Education Fund, Sport for Education, a charity together with AstraZeneca aiming to eradicate illiteracy ...