Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Hebrew: עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע / Etz haDaat tov V'ra, ) is one of two mythical trees in the story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2-3, along with the Tree of life. The Mercer Dictionary of the Bible speculates the knowledge the tree gave humankind was sexual awareness.

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Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil - Interpretations - Islam
... The Qur'an does not name this tree and it is always referred to as "the tree" ... enjoy everything in the Garden but this tree, and so, Satan appeared to them and told them that the only reason God forbade them to eat from that tree is that they would ... When they ate from this tree their nakedness appeared to them and they began to sew together, for their covering, leaves from the Garden ...

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    If you believe in the soul, do not clutch at sensual sweetness before it is ripe on the slow tree of cause and effect.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    You need not attempt to shake off or to banter off Romance. It is an evil you will never get rid of to the end of your days. It is a part of yourself ... of your soul. Age will only mellow it a little, and give it a holier tone.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849)

    A tree that can fill the span of a man’s arms
    Grows from a downy tip;
    A terrace nine stories high
    Rises from hodfuls of earth;
    A journey of a thousand miles
    Starts from beneath one’s feet.
    Lao-Tzu (6th century B.C.)

    For good teaching rests neither in accumulating a shelfful of knowledge nor in developing a repertoire of skills. In the end, good teaching lies in a willingness to attend and care for what happens in our students, ourselves, and the space between us. Good teaching is a certain kind of stance, I think. It is a stance of receptivity, of attunement, of listening.
    Laurent A. Daloz (20th century)