Track Circuit

A track circuit is a simple electrical device used to detect the absence of a train on rail tracks, used to inform signallers and control relevant signals.

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Transmission Voie-Machine - Background - Implementation - Electronics
... TVM-430 resides in trackside boxes, which control stretches of track about 15 km (9.3 mi) long ... to the line's centralized traffic control centre, and directly controls about ten blocks of track, each with its own track circuit ... in TVM-430 and they are used alternately in pairs on both tracks of the TGV line ...
Track Circuit - Accidents - Broken Rails
... Track circuits can detect some but not all broken rails ... If there is only one relay at a turnout, part of the wiring of a turnout is bound to be in parallel, which is not protected from broken rails ...
Track Circuit Interrupter
... A track circuit interrupter may be fitted at catch points, trap points or buffer stops to maintain a track circuit in the 'occupied' state in the event of a derailment ... The track circuit remains de-energised until the interrupter is replaced ...
Track Circuit Interrupter - Application - At Catch or Trap Points
... its wheels cease to shunt the track circuit ... Since the vehicle might still be foul of the track, it is important to maintain the track circuit in the 'occupied' state ... Since the track circuit is bonded via the interrupter, it is proved to be intact when the track circuit relay is energised ...
Track Circuit Interrupter - Insulated and Non-insulated Interrupters
... Originally, track circuit interrupters were directly connected to the rail, both physically and electrically ... One of the track circuit tail cables would be connected to the interrupter, it being connected to the rail ... that the broken part, with cable still attached, could drop onto the rail and allow the track circuit to remain energised and show 'clear' ...

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