Topicality (policy Debate)

Topicality (policy Debate)

This article is about Topicality (policy debate). For other uses, see Topic (disambiguation).

Topicality is a stock issue in policy debate which pertains to whether or not the plan affirms the resolution as worded. To contest the topicality of the affirmative, the negative interprets a word or words in the resolution and argues that the affirmative does not meet that definition, that the interpretation is preferable, and that non-topicality should be a voting issue.

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Topicality (policy Debate) - Affirmative Answers To Topicality
... Affirmatives can deploy a variety of answers to topicalityviolations in the 2AC ... They can be generally categorized as follows We Meet The affirmative can argue that their case meets the negative'sinterpretation of the resolution Counter-interpretation The ... interpretation is superior using the same standards outlined above,they can either use the standards that the negative used or present counterstandards ...