• (noun): Dutch zoologist who showed that much animal behavior is innate and stereotyped (1907-1988).
    Synonyms: Nikolaas Tinbergen
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Tinbergen's Four Questions
... Tinbergen's four questions, named after Nikolaas Tinbergen, are complementary categories of explanations for behavior ...
Tinbergen Institute
... The Tinbergen Institute is a joint institute for research and education in economics, econometrics and finance of the University of Amsterdam, the VU University Amsterdam and the Erasmus ... it is named after the Dutch economist Jan Tinbergen, a Nobel prize-winning professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam ... The Tinbergen Institute has over 100 research fellows from the three participating universities, and some 170 PhD students ...
Nikolaas Tinbergen - Origins
... Born in The Hague, Netherlands, he is also noted as the brother of Jan Tinbergen, who won the first Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel ... He had a third eminent brother, Luuk Tinbergen who committed suicide in 1955 at age 39 ... Tinbergen's interest in nature manifested itself when he was young ...
Nikolaas Tinbergen - Supernormal Stimuli
... A major body of Tinbergen's research focused on what he termed Supernormal Stimuli ... Tinbergen found that territorial male stickleback fish would attack a wooden fish model more vigorously than a real male if its underside was redder ... Among the modern works calling attention to Tinbergen's classic work in the field of Supernormal Stimuli has been the Deirdre Barrett book of 2010, "Supernormal Stimuli" ...
Supernormal Stimulus - In Biology
... Niko Tinbergen, following his extensive analysis of the stimulus features that elicited food-begging in the chick of the Herring Gull, constructed an artificial stimulus ... Tinbergen and his students studied other variations of this effect ... Lorenz and Tinbergen accounted for the supernormal stimulus effect in terms of the concept of the innate releasing mechanism however this concept is no longer widely used ...

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  • (noun): Dutch economist noted for his work in econometrics (1903-1994).
    Synonyms: Jan Tinbergen