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Philippine Dance - Time Periods
... Dances of the Philippine needs to be looked at the Time-period in which they are taken ... culture is constantly evolving, dances often chance along with the times ... Philippine dance can be categorized is these time periods Pre-colonial Spanish Colonial American Period Modern and Post-Modern ...
Rate Equation - First-order Reactions - Further Properties of First-Order Reaction Kinetics
... be rewritten as where corresponds to a specific time period and is an integer corresponding to the number of time periods ... At the end of each time period, the fraction of the reactant population remaining relative to the amount present at the start of the time period, will be Such ... of the total amount of reactant population that will break down in each time period is independent of the initial amount present ...
Virtual Museums - Other Online Museums
... documenting not only the Gay History but also the History of the Time Periods and Events that influenced them ... the visitor in the various historical time periods ... exhibits and collections documenting Tucson Arizona's Historical time periods from the 1600s to the 2010s ...
North American Roller Hockey Championships - Game
... game is played between two teams and is played in two periods ... regional qualifying tournaments are composed of two 17-minute running time periods, championship events are composed of two 12-minute stopped time periods ... are composed of two 15-minute stopped time periods ...
List Of Time Travel Science Fiction - Time Travel in Science Fiction Television Series
... Time travel is a recurrent theme in science fiction television programs ... In some television series, time travel creates the premise and direction for the plot and/or setting of the show ... Two model examples of television shows that utilize time travel in this way are Doctor Who and Quantum Leap ...

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    Compared to football, baseball is almost an Oriental game, minimizing individual stardom, requiring a wide range of aggressive and defensive skills, and filled with long periods of inaction and irresolution. It has no time limitations. Football, on the other hand, has immediate goals, resolution on every single play, and a lot of violence—itself a highlight. It has clearly distinguishable hierarchies: heroes and drones.
    Jerry Mander, U.S. advertising executive, author. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, ch. 15, Morrow (1978)

    People get a bad impression of it by continually trying to treat it as if it was a bank clerk, who ought to be on time on Tuesday next, instead of philosophically seeing it as a painter, who may do anything so long as you don’t try to predict what.
    Katharine Whitehorn (b. 1926)