Time-out (parenting)

Time-out (parenting)

A time-out is a form of punishment that involves temporarily separating a child from an environment where inappropriate behavior has occurred, and is intended to remove positive reinforcement of the behavior. It is an educational and parenting technique recommended by some pediatricians and developmental psychologists as an effective form of child discipline. Often a corner (hence the common term corner time) or a similar space where the child is to stand or sit during time-outs is designated.

Timeouts are often known as the naughty chair or naughty step from two reality TV series, Supernanny, and Nanny 911.

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... While some proponents of time-outsinsist on silence and stillness from the child during the time-out it is easier to use a "release-contingency," such that the ... Those who use time-outfor children to get anger and frustration "out of their system" or for children to think about their behavior, are using time-out ... if the child refuses to serve the time-out ...