Tiling Window Manager

In computing, a tiling window manager is a window manager with an organization of the screen into mutually non-overlapping frames, as opposed to the more popular approach of coordinate-based stacking of overlapping objects (windows) that tries to fully emulate the desktop metaphor.

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Types of Window Managers - Tiling Window Manager
... Tiling window managers paint all windows on-screen by placing them side by side or above and below each other, so that no window ever covers another ... Microsoft Windows 1.0 used tiling, and a variety of tiling window managers for X are available ...
Prominent Tiling Window Managers - X Window System - List of Tiling Window Managers For X
... awesome - a dwm derivative with window tiling, floating and tagging, written in C and configurable and extensible in Lua ... Bluetile - based on xmonad "I think of xmonad more as a library for writing tiling window managers ... The default installation provides a minimal tiling window manager (the standard configuration), but you are really expected to "write" (configure) your own.. ...
Prominent Tiling Window Managers - Third Party Tiling Applications On Xorg
... Tile is a small command allowing tiling windows under a floating window manager ... stiler (formerly known as Poor man's Tiling Window manager) is a simple Python script which does tiling on any window manager ... PyTyle is a manual tiling manager that can slide into any EWMH compliant window manager ...
... xmonad is a tiling window manager for the X Window System, written in the functional programming language Haskell ... to dwm, larswm, StumpWM and other members of the tiling window manager family in that it arranges windows in a nonoverlapping pattern and strives to make it possible for the ... not available to dwm users such as per-workspace layout, tiling reflection, state preservation, layout mirroring, GNOME support and per-screen status bars it can be customised by modifying an external ...
Tiling Window Manager - Automatic Program Launch
... Tiling window managers are often programmatic in nature, for example the Ion window manager includes a Lua scripting engine for both configuration and startup functions, in additional to ... based Stacked desktop methaphor environment (Windows platform) has a Startup folder with applications to launch, programmable tiling window managers can specificy (with a ... setting up a development environment with IDE and terminal windows, or an image, video, or audio editting environment with multiple screens ...

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