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Other Tom Kitten Publications

The following year, in October 1908, The Tale of Samuel Whiskers was published, which again featured Tom Kitten, as well as his mother and sisters.

Tom Kitten's Painting Book was published in June 1917 with a cover by Potter depicting Tom standing at an easel, paint brush in hand. It was the second of Potter's three painting books for children, following Peter Rabbit's Painting Book of 1911 and preceding Jemima Puddle-Duck's Painting Book of 1925. The books were composed of pairs of pictures with short, appropriate texts at the foot of each page. When the book was opened, the fully coloured picture on the left page served as a model for the child artist to follow while colouring the outline picture on the right page.

Peter Rabbit's book was abridged in 1917, and seven pairs of pictures were cut to create Tom Kitten's Painting Book. One new pair of pictures was added to Tom's book and three new pairs of pictures to Peter's book with the result that there were eight pairs of pictures in both books. Jemima's book would also feature eight pairs of pictures. In addition to painting instructions, Tom's book told the child artist "ou can colour these pictures quite nicely with Crayons." The accompanying illustration depicts three kittens playing about a painting book and several crayons lying on the ground.

Two Peter Rabbit music books by Christopher Le Fleming were published in December 1935 under the combined imprint of J. & W. Chester, Ltd. and Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd.. The first book contained six easy piano solos and the second book six easy piano duets. Both books were intended for children aged ten to twelve years. The fifth piece in the book of solos was "Tom Kitten" and the fourth piece in the duet book was "The Puddle-Ducks Take a Walk". Potter thought the music charming but too difficult for children to perform. She supplied six illustrations for the first book and twelve for the second book because it was a collection of duets. "I have been very long over them," she wrote Le Fleming, "Doing them at odd times in a busy season of the year. Some are better or worse than others." She had difficulty with the ducks. "The ducks are least satisfactory. I am having another try at Pit Pat Puddle." Chesters assured Potter her preliminary pencil sketches could be reproduced nicely but, in the end, they were inked-over by another artist without Potter's knowledge. She was disappointed with the results. Both volumes were released in 305 by 240 millimetres (12.0 in × 9.4 in) paper or board cover formats.

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