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The reader is given the opportunity to see how much Wolfe's attitude toward sentiment changes over a brief span of time. In The Silent Speaker, he tells Archie, "One of your most serious defects is that you have no sentiment." Only two years later, in And Be a Villain, he tells Archie, "You would sentimentalize the multiplication table."

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Sentiment can refer to activity of five material senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste) associating them with or as something considered transcendental:

  • Feelings and emotions
  • Sentimentality, the literary device which is used to induce an emotional response disproportionate to the situation, and thus to substitute heightened and generally unthinking feeling for normal ethical and intellectual judgment
  • Sentimental novel, an eighteenth-century literary genre
  • Market sentiment, optimism or pessimism in financial and commodity markets
  • Sentiment analysis, automatic detection of opinions embodied in text
  • News sentiment, automatic detection of opinions embodied in news
Stock Market Corrections - Investor Sentiment
... Investor sentiment is a contrarian stock market indicator ... When a high proportion of investors express a bearish (negative) sentiment, some analysts consider it to be a strong signal that a market bottom may be near ... capability of such a signal (see also market sentiment) is thought to be highest when investor sentiment reaches extreme values ...
Moral Rationalism - Criticisms
... that the foundations of morality lie in sentiment, not reason ... According to Hume, "...morality is determined by sentiment ... It defines virtue to be whatever mental action or quality gives to a spectator the pleasing sentiment of approbation and vice the contrary" (EPM, Appendix 1, ΒΆ10) ...
Anti-Ukrainian Sentiment
... Anti-Ukrainian sentiment or Ukrainophobia is animosity towards Ukrainians, Ukrainian culture, language or Ukraine as a nation ... Modern scholars define two types of anti-Ukrainian sentiment one based on discrimination of Ukrainians based on their ethnic or cultural origin (simila ...
Text Analytics - Text Analysis Processes
... among entities and other information in text Sentiment analysis involves discerning subjective (as opposed to factual) material and extracting various forms of attitudinal information sentiment ... Text analytics techniques are helpful in analyzing sentiment at the entity, concept, or topic level and in distinguishing opinion holder and opinion object ...

Famous quotes containing the word sentiment:

    He that outlives a wife whom he has long loved, sees himself disjoined from the only mind that has the same hopes, and fears, and interest; from the only companion with whom he has shared much good and evil; and with whom he could set his mind at liberty, to retrace the past or anticipate the future. The continuity of being is lacerated; the settled course of sentiment and action is stopped; and life stands suspended and motionless.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

    What Congress and the popular sentiment approve is rarely defeated by reason of constitutional objections. I trust the measure will turn out well. It is a great relief to me. Defeat in this way, after a full and public hearing before this [Electoral] Commission, is not mortifying in any degree, and success will be in all respects more satisfactory.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)