The Price Is Right (1956 U.S. Game Show)

The Price Is Right (1956 U.S. Game Show)

The Price Is Right is an American game show hosted by Bill Cullen which aired on NBC from 1956–1963 and on ABC from 1963–1965 in both daytime and prime-time. Four contestants made successive bids on merchandise prizes with the goal of bidding closest to the actual retail price of the prize without going over.

Bill Cullen hosted both the daytime and nighttime versions of the show. For two seasons (1959–60 and 1960–1961), the nighttime version was eighth in the prime-time Nielsen ratings, making it the most-watched game show on television at the time. Cullen's easygoing personality was cited as a key part of the show's success. The show gained popularity during the years following the quiz show scandal, becoming the most-watched prime-time game show from 1959–1961.

The show was a precursor to the current and best-known version of the show, premiering in 1972 on CBS and in syndication.

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