The Oxford Companion To Philosophy

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy is a reference work in philosophy edited by Ted Honderich and published by Oxford University Press in 1995. A second edition was published in 2005 and included some 300 new entries. The new edition has over 2,200 entries and 291 contributors in 1,080 pages.

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The Oxford Companion To Philosophy - Publication History
... The Oxford Companion to Philosophy (New York Oxford University Press, 1995) ISBN 0-19-866132-0 Honderich, Ted (ed.) ... The Oxford Companion to Philosophy (Second Edition) (New York Oxford University Press, 2005) ISBN 978-0-19-926479-7 ...

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    The sun of her [Great Britain] glory is fast descending to the horizon. Her philosophy has crossed the Channel, her freedom the Atlantic, and herself seems passing to that awful dissolution, whose issue is not given human foresight to scan.
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    During the first formative centuries of its existence, Christianity was separated from and indeed antagonistic to the state, with which it only later became involved. From the lifetime of its founder, Islam was the state, and the identity of religion and government is indelibly stamped on the memories and awareness of the faithful from their own sacred writings, history, and experience.
    Bernard Lewis, U.S. Middle Eastern specialist. Islam and the West, ch. 8, Oxford University Press (1993)

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