The Demigod Files - Stories - "Percy Jackson and The Stolen Chariot"

"Percy Jackson and The Stolen Chariot"

Percy Jackson saves Clarisse La Rue from feather-throwing birds in his school. After the fight, Clarisse admits that, as part of a ritual for the children of Ares, she must bring Ares war chariot back to his temple, the Intrepid. But there is one problem: her immortal brothers, Phobos ( representing fear) and Deimos (representing terror), who are the usual drivers and guardians of the chariot, grew jealous and stole it from Clarisse. She knows she will be in trouble if she doesn't get it back by sundown. Percy offers his help, and Clarisse finally accepts it. They meet the two gods at a zoo. They fight them, who turn out to be extremely weak in battle (unlike the nature of Ares) once they discover how to counter the terror or fear, and are easily defeated. They bring the chariot to Ares' Temple on the Intrepid, an aircraft carrier that has since now become a museum.

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