The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends - Episode List

Episode List

Episode Title Episode Summary
1 A Colourful World Hello Kitty and friends learn that world is made up of many fascinating colours.
2 Our New Friend Dear Daniel Kitty and the gang befriend a shy new student.
3 XO Man Begins Badtz-Maru reveals a "super" alter-ego.
4 The Magic Chisel The kids portray a classic fable about greed.
5 Keroppi’s Best Friend Keroppi is driven to invent a best friend.
6 Happy Earth Day The Twin Stars teach the kids a lesson about conserving the environment.
7 The Case of the Broken Vase Keroppi learns the importance of telling the truth.
8 A Fair Share Badtz-Maru discovers his selfish ways have consequences.
9 My Melody’s Missing Smile The kids try to find out why My Melody is unhappy.
10 V.I.P. (Very Important Pochacco) Pochacco puts on a show in a quest for fame.
11 Give Me a Brake Keroppi’s new car proves quite a handful.
12 There’s No Space Like Home Kitty and the gang have an adventure in outer space.
13 Lost and Hound When the kids get lost, Badtz-Maru and Daniel think they know the way home.
14 March of the Badtz-Maru’s Badtz-Maru journeys to the South Pole to be with his penguin friends.
15 Tall Order Part One Keroppi finds a novel solution to being vertically challenged.
16 Tall Order Part Two Keroppi learns there are advantages to being small.
17 Run My Melody, Run My Melody is nervous about her big race.
18 Where’s Santa? Part One A missing Santa Claus has the children worried that Christmas may be cancelled.
19 Where’s Santa? Part Two
20 Hide and Seek The kids play a game of Hide and Seek around the school with surprising results.
21 A Fish Story Kitty bonds with a new pet.
22 Election Badtz-Maru and Daniel vie for class president.
23 A School Day A typical school day presents challenges for the kids.
24 Café Cinnamoroll Kitty and the gang help a shy new friend open a new business.
25 The Big Game The kids learn the importance of teamwork.
26 Power Outage The Twin Stars give up their powers to see what it’s like to be regular kids.
27 A Birthday Party Melody and daniel tries to surprise kitty because it’s her birthday.
28 Game On Batdz-Maru is addicted to a game. Kitty and her friends try to help Batdz-Maru to stop playing the game.
29 Picture Perfect Daniel wants to bring Kitty to a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day but he doesn't have enough money.
30 The Sleepy Detective Part One Pochacco is the sleepy detective. He solve many mystery through his nose.
31 The Sleepy Detective Part Two
32 A Fish Called Badtz-Maru
33 Design Flaw
34 Are You Gonna Eat That
35 Kitty-Ella The kids put on a school play "Kitty-Ella in Space" but everything doesn't go exactly as planned. (This episode can be found on the Wii game Hello Kitty Seasons)
36 Get Smart
37 Hello, I Shrunk the Kitty Part One
38 Hello, I Shrunk the Kitty Part Two
39 Sing A Song!
40 The Sleepy Detective Returns
41 Hpaay Halloween, Everybody!
42 An Examination Escapade
43 The Fabulous Five Part One
44 The Fabulous Five Part Two
45 The Kitty and the Pea
46 Attack of the Clones Part One
47 Attack of the Clones Part Two
48 A Wok in the Park (This episode can be found on the Wii game Hello Kitty Seasons)
49 Ski Bums The kids go on a skiing trip and Keroppi boasts about riding the Obliderador. But them he realizes that he's too scared to jump off it. Meanwhile Badtz-Maru and Daniel argue about Badtz-Maru being too loud. (This episode can be found on the Wii game Hello Kitty Seasons)
50 Third Time's the Charm
51 A Cloudy Day
52 And the Winner is... The kids put on an awards show at school. (This episode can be found on the Wii game Hello Kitty Seasons)

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