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Bernard J. Lechner
... more than 30 years covering various aspects of television and display ... Display (SID) and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) ... ten United States patents and has widely published in the areas of displays and television systems ...
History of High-definition Television
... Further information Analog high-definition television system and History of television The term high definition once described a series of television systems originating from the ... true "HDTV" spanned the entire 20th century, as each new system became more HD than the last ... (electronic) Marconi-EMI 405 line (377i) systems ...
Broadcast Television Systems - Digital Television Systems
... The situation with worldwide digital television is much simpler by comparison ... Most current digital television systems are based on the MPEG transport stream standard, and use the H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2 video codec ... of an international standard that includes both major systems, even though they are incompatible in almost every respect ...
Analogue Television Synchronization - Development - Standards
... Further information Broadcast television system Broadcasters using analog television systems encode their signal using NTSC, PAL or SECAM analog encoding and then use ... Each frame of a television image is composed of lines drawn on the screen ... The analog television signal contains timing and synchronization information so that the receiver can reconstruct a two-dimensional moving image from a one-dimensional time-varying ...
Mu Ev
... in conjunction with the timing of sound and images, especially in television systems, to denote events which create temporally coincident sounds and images ... be utilized to measure the relative temporal offset of audio and video signals in television systems in order to measure or maintain proper audio to video ... match in lip sync measurement and correction systems ...

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    No civilization ... would ever have been possible without a framework of stability, to provide the wherein for the flux of change. Foremost among the stabilizing factors, more enduring than customs, manners and traditions, are the legal systems that regulate our life in the world and our daily affairs with each other.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)

    The television screen, so unlike the movie screen, sharply reduced human beings, revealed them as small, trivial, flat, in two banal dimensions, drained of color. Wasn’t there something reassuring about it!—that human beings were in fact merely images of a kind registered in one another’s eyes and brains, phenomena composed of microscopic flickering dots like atoms. They were atoms—nothing more. A quick switch of the dial and they disappeared and who could lament the loss?
    Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938)