Taipei - Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

Taipei City is divided up into 12 administrative districts (區 qu). Each district is further divided up into villages (里), which are further sub-divided up into neighborhoods (鄰).

Map District Population
Name Chinese Pinyin Wade–Giles Pe̍h-ōe-jī
Beitou District 北投區 Běitóu Pei-t'ou Pak-tâu 252,484 56.8216 112
Da'an District 大安區 Dà'ān Ta-an Tāi-an 313,710 11.3614 106
Datong District 大同區 Dàtóng Ta-t'ung Tāi-tông 127,092 5.6815 103
Nangang District 南港區 Nángǎng Nan-kang Lâm-káng 116,516 21.8424 115
Neihu District 內湖區 Nèihú Nei-hu Lāi-ô͘ 276,217 31.5787 114
Shilin District 士林區 Shìlín Shih-lin Sū-lîm 287,248 62.3682 111
Songshan District 松山區 Sōngshān Sung-shan Siông-san 210,347 9.2878 105
Wanhua District 萬華區 Wànhuá Wan-hua Báng-kah 190,963 8.8522 108
Wenshan District 文山區 Wénshān Wen-shan Bûn-san 266,934 31.5090 116
Xinyi District 信義區 Xìnyì Hsin-yi Sìn-gī 226,770 11.2077 110
Zhongshan District 中山區 Zhōngshān Chung-shan Tiong-san 224,258 13.6821 104
Zhongzheng District 中正區 Zhōngzhèng Chung-cheng Tiong-chèng 161,409 7.6071 100

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