Sylacauga (meteorite) - Fragments


Upon the entry within the atmosphere the Sylacauga meteorite fragmented in at least 3 pieces:

  1. The Hodges fragment (3.86 kilograms (8.5 lb) - 33°11′18.1″N 86°17′40.2″W / 33.188361°N 86.294500°W / 33.188361; -86.294500) struck Ann Elizabeth Hodges.
  2. The McKinney fragment (1.68 kilograms (3.7 lb) - 33°13′08.4″N 86°17′20.7″W / 33.219000°N 86.289083°W / 33.219000; -86.289083) was found the next day.
  3. A third fragment is believed to have impacted somewhere near Childersburg (a few km north-west of Oak Grove).

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