Survivor Philippines: Palau - The Game - Cycle 7: Days 19-21

Cycle 7: Days 19-21

  • Face-off Challenge: Using burlap rings as foot grippers, cast-offs must climb up poles and stay over a designated black line in the pole for as long as possible. To make the challenge harder, the burlap rings would be removed after two minutes. The one that stays on the pole after the other has fallen down stays in Isla Purgatoryo.
  • Reward Challenge: A member of each tribe traverses a swinging hanging bridge and swims out to retrieve one of five puzzle pieces and bring it to an underwater puzzle box, where the piece should be attached snugly before the member can swim back to shore to tag the next tribe member. Once all five pieces are in place in the puzzle box, all tribe members, one-by-one, traverse the bridge, and all swim out to the puzzle box to retrieve it and bring it back to shore. First tribe to do this wins reward.
    • Reward: A large pan pizza to be eaten on site and hamburgers to be grilled and consumed back at camp, as well as three items they wanted from the other tribe's camp.
  • Immunity Challenge: Four members of each tribe would lift a box which would be filled with colored water coming out from one of three plugs from a tank above their platform. The next two plugs would each be opened after every two minutes. When the box lowers to a certain level, a plug from the bottom of the box will open, which will cause the box to leak. The tribe that firmly holds on to their box after the other tribe's box had leaked wins immunity.

Day 19: At Isla Purgatoryo, Justine was surprised to see that Louie was the one voted out. After Justine told him the basics of being on the island, Louie revealed that the reason the original Koror voted her out was because of her being a transsexual, which riled Justine. In reality, Louie just made the story up to further Justine's anger on her former remaining tribemates, particularly Echo and Tara. At the face-off challenge, while Louie was the first to reach the top of his pole, when the burlap rings were taken off, he was also the first to fall down, giving Justine her fourth straight win. At Airai, the tribe waited in vain for any news of a merge, but to no avail. The newest treemail instructed both tribes to list three items they wanted from the other tribe's camp. Amanda and Tara then reprised their roles as ambassadors to each other's tribe to relay those requested items. When Amanda reported to her tribemates that Airai demanded Koror's already inferior bolo knife and pot (big hole and all), as well as their flint, the tribe surmised that Airai wanted Koror to suffer further should the former win the reward challenge. Fortunately for Koror, this did not materialize as Tara's difficulty in putting the puzzle pieces in the reward challenge enabled Koror to win their fourth consecutive challenge. Airai even grimaced at the sight of Koror eating pizza, knowing they had lost another challenge. Back at the Koror camp, while cooking and eating their hamburgers, Jef relayed to her tribemates the unsolicited assistance she received from Marvin during the reward challenge. At Airai, the tribe was still anticipating the merge, considering there were already ten castaways left (both tribes still being unaware of Justine at Isla Purgatoryo), as a presumption taken from past Survivor seasons. Charles even tried to convince his tribemates that a merge won't possibly come at all. At Isla Purgatoryo, Justine again received a part of her former tribe's reward.

Day 20: With the loss of their bolo knife and pot, the Airai tribe was forced to improvise, using a shovel to spark the flint and a metal first aid kit box as a makeshift pot to cook their food. Meanwhile at Koror, Echo and Marvin talked about other options on who to save from elimination next, as they wonder why Shaun constantly told his tribe that they should save Cris, perceiving an alliance between the latter two. Later, while eating, Marvin's straightforward remarks about Jef's seemingly defeated demeanor greatly affected her, leading the former to explain himself. Back at Airai, Cris attained a scrape on his foot while they were hunting, reminding his tribemates about the injury that ended his professional basketball career. The immunity challenge only lasted for less than two minutes when Charles shifted the wrong way, causing water to leak out off of Airai's box, giving Koror another win. This time, however, Koror gave individual immunity to Tara, who had been targeted because of her weaknesses. Back at the Airai camp, Tara started to set out plans on voting out Mika, but her mouthing and complaining irked Mika to the point that she thought Tara had a power trip. She was later joined by Charles, who admitted that he was leaning towards ousting Cris. He also said that he was leaving his own fate up to his tribemates rather than following Tara's plan. Tara and Mika's spat continued into the night, though they did had quiet talk by then.

Day 21: At Airai, Tara started working around camp, thus, satisfying her word to Mika. At Koror, Suzuki played checkers with several of his tribemates to fight boredom. Back at Airai, Charles felt that he would be voted out next and started thanking his tribemates for his time with them. The rest of the day was spent with the female Airai castaways convincing their male counterparts on who to vote. At Tribal Council, while Tara stayed true to her word of putting Mika's name in the vote, the latter ultimately joined Charles in voting out Cris, 2-1-1.

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