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Somdet Kiaw
... is a Thai prelate who is currently the abbot of Wat Saket and the Acting Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, the effective leader of all Buddhist monks in Thailand ... He was appointed Acting Supreme Patriarch in 2005 due to the failing health of the incumbent Supreme Patriarch Nyanasamvara Suvaddhana ... order) and Sondhi Limthongkul, who claimed that the appointment created two Supreme Patriarchs and contravened the royal prerogative of King Bhumibol Adulyadej ...
Seongcheol - Life - Supreme Patriarch of The Jogye Order
... During his tenure as patriarch of Haeinsa, the temple transformed into a training ground for meditation, sutra studies, and Vinaya studies, attracting monks from all over the country ... lay and the monastic, the Jogye order looked toward Seongcheol and nominated him as the next Supreme Patriarch of the order ... Declining all formal ceremonies as Supreme Patriarch from inauguration to his death, Seongcheol never left the mountains, stating that a monk's true place was in the temple ...
Supreme Patriarch Of Cambodia - History
... Between 1855 and 1981, there were two Supreme Patriarchs in Cambodia one for the Cambodian branch of the Dhammayuttika Nikaya, and one for the Maha Nikaya ... Republic of Kampuchea, Venerable Tep Vong was elected Supreme Patriarch of a new, unified Sangha modeled on the Vietnamese Sangha ... the Paris Peace Accords in 1991, King Norodom Sihanouk again appointed a Supreme Patriarch of the Dhammayuttika Nikaya Venerable Bour Kry ...

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