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Slovak Wine - Composition - Sugar Content
... Suché - "Dry" If its sugar content does not exceed 4 grams per litre, or 9 grams per litre, provided that the total acidity expressed as grams of tartaric acid per litre is not more than 2 grams below the residual ... Polosuché "Medium dry" - If its sugar content exceeds the maximum set at above but not exceeds 12 grams per litre, or 18 grams per litre, provided that the total acidity expressed as grams of tartaric acid per litre ... Polosladké "Medium/Medium sweet" - If its sugar content is higher than the maximum set at above but not more than 45 grams per litre ...
Brix - Measurement
... gravity was the basis for the Balling, Brix and Plato tables dissolved sugar content was originally estimated by measurement of specific gravity using a hydrometer or pycnometer ... out (using interpolation if necessary) the sugar content in percent by weight ... Dissolution of sucrose and other sugars in water changes not only its specific gravity but its optical properties in particular its refractive index and the extent to which it rotates the plane of linearly polarized ...
Sugar Beet - Processing
... of Ireland, until the shutdown of sugar beet production in 2006 after the end of the government subsidies ... tare - the amount of non beet delivered crown tare - the amount of low sugar beet delivered sugar content ("pol") - amount of sucrose in the crop nitrogen content - for recommending future fertilizer use to ... From these elements, the actual sugar content of the load is calculated and the grower's payment determined ...
Coconut Sugar - Sugar Content
... Coconut sugar consists primarily of sucrose(containing glucose and fructose). ...
Sweetness Of Wine - Terms Used To Indicate Sweetness of Wine - Terms Used To Indicate Sweetness of Sparkling Wine
... EC) No 607/2009 of 14 July 2009 Rating Sugar content (grams per litre) Brut Nature (no added sugar) 0–3 Extra Brut 0–6 Brut 0–12 Extra Dry, Extra Sec, Extra seco 12–17 Dry, Sec, Seco 17 ... EXAMPLE A sparkling wine with 9 grams per litre of residual sugar may be labelled as either The rules applicable to labellings before 14 July 2009 ...

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