Structural Type Systems

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Nominative And Structural Type Systems
... Nominative and structural type systems are Nominative type system Structural type system The differences between nominative and structural type systems are ...
Duck Typing - Comparison With Other Type Systems - Structural Type Systems
... Duck typing is similar to but distinct from structural typing ... Structural typing is a static typing system that determines type compatibility and equivalence by a type's structure, whereas duck typing is dynamic and determines type compatibility by only that part of ... The OCaml, Scala, and Go languages use structural type systems ...

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    The reader uses his eyes as well as or instead of his ears and is in every way encouraged to take a more abstract view of the language he sees. The written or printed sentence lends itself to structural analysis as the spoken does not because the reader’s eye can play back and forth over the words, giving him time to divide the sentence into visually appreciated parts and to reflect on the grammatical function.
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