Strategic Information Systems

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Strategic Information System
... The concept of Strategic Information Systems or "SIS" was first introduced into the field of information systems in 1982-83 by Dr ... first book on SIS called "Strategy and Computers Information Systems as Competitive Weapons" (Dow-Jones Irwin, 1985 translated into French by Bertrand Kaulek and into Italian by ... In 1988 an expanded version of this book called "Strategic Information Systems" was published by Richard D ...
Strategic Information System - Reliable Secondary Sources
... Strategic Information Systems Planning A Review Somendra Pant† and Cheng Hsu‡ 1995 Information Resources Management Association International Conference, May 21–24, Atlanta ... methodologies, Porter’s Value Chain Analysis and Wiseman’s Strategic Thrust Methodology ... Strategic Information Systems/Pages 320 Medium Paperback Year of Publication 1988 ISBN 0-256-06030-4 Author Charles Wiseman Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional Citation Count 29 Vijay Gurbaxani ...
Strategic Information System - Wiseman’s Strategic Perspective View
... Charles Wiseman has applied the current concepts of Strategic Information Systems in work at GTE and other companies, and in his consulting work as President of Competitive Applications, Inc ... His book, Strategy and Computers Information Systems as Competitive Weapons, extends Porter’s thinking in many practical ways in the Information ... Wiseman emphasizes that companies have begun to use information systems strategically to reap significant competitive advantage ...

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    The practice of S/M is the creation of pleasure.... And that’s why S/M is really a subculture. It’s a process of invention. S/M is the use of a strategic relationship as a source of pleasure.
    Michel Foucault (1926–1984)

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