Stop The War Coalition (Australia) - Associates and Notable Supporters

Associates and Notable Supporters

StWC has no formal membership but is made up of and organised by several groups, organisations and individuals. The following (although not exclusively) have been involved in either directly organising, supporting or working alongside StWC:

  • Andrew Ferguson
  • Anti-APEC Network
  • Anti-Bases Coalition
  • Architects for Peace
  • Australian Democrats
  • Australian Greens
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
  • Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network
  • Australian Student Environment Network
  • Bill Hartley
  • Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group
  • Carmen Lawrence
  • Chilean Popular and Indigenous Solidarity Network
  • Civil Rights Defence
  • Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine
  • Committee for Peace and Justice in Lebanon
  • Communist Party of Australia
  • Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
  • Daryl Melham
  • Electrical Trades Union of Australia
  • Fair Go for David
  • Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • Gaza Defence Committee
  • Geelong Trades Hall
  • General Union of Palestinian Workers
  • Greenpeace Australia Pacific
  • International Socialist Organisation
  • Islamic Council of Victoria
  • Islamic Friendship Association
  • Islamic Girls and Women's Group
  • Japanese for Peace
  • Jews Against the Occupation
  • John Robertson
  • Just Peace Western Australia
  • Justice Action
  • Justice for Hicks & Habib
  • Kerry Nettle
  • La Trobe University SRC
  • Labor Council of New South Wales
  • Latin America Solidarity Network
  • Maritime Union of Australia
  • Marrickville Peace Group
  • Medical Association for the Prevention of War
  • Melbourne Palestine Solidarity Network
  • Monash Student Association
  • Moonie Valley Peace Network
  • National Union of Students
  • New South Wales Teachers Federation
  • Nuclear Free Australia
  • Peace Organisation of Australia
  • Pennant Hills Peace Group
  • Queensland Peace Network
  • Radical Women
  • Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)
  • Research Initiative in International Activism
  • Resistance
  • RMIT University SRC
  • Rod Quantock
  • Socialist Alliance
  • Socialist Alternative
  • Stop Bush Coalition
  • Stop G20 Collective
  • Students Against War and Racism
  • Students for Palestine
  • Swinburne Student Union
  • Sydney Korean Progressive Alliance
  • Sydney University Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Terry Hicks
  • Union Solidarity
  • Unity for Peace
  • University of Melbourne Student Union
  • Victorian College of the Arts Student Union
  • Victorian Trades Hall Council
  • Western Sydney Peace Group

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