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Stock Selection Criterion
... Stock selection criteria are methods for selecting a stock(s) for investment ... The stock investment or position can be "long" (to benefit from a stock price increase) or "short" (to benefit from a decrease in a stock's price), depending on the investor's expectation of how the stock ... The stock selection criteria may include systematic stock picking methods that utilize computer software and/or data ...
Convertible Bond - Types
... maturity date, subject to certain share price performance conditions ... convertible at maturity, convertibility may be into a sufficient number of shares based on the stock price at maturity to provide that minimum redemption value ... may be into a sufficient number of shares (based on the stock price at maturity) to provide that minimum redemption value ...
Collar (finance) - Equity Collar - Example
... Consider an investor who owns one hundred shares of a stock with a current share price of $5 ... An investor could construct a collar by buying one put with a strike price of $3 and selling one call with a strike price of $7 ... There are three possible scenarios when the options expire If the stock price is above the $7 strike price on the call he wrote, the person who bought the call from the investor will ...
LJM (Lea Jeffrey Michael) - Illustrative Transactions With LJM - Rhythms NetConnections
... found itself with $300 million worth of Rhythm stock in May 1999 ... locking restrictions 3.4 million shares of Enron stock worth $276 million at the time to LJM1 at a reduced price of $168 million ... Finally, Swap-Sub placed a put option on 5.4 million shares of Rhythms stock owned by Enron ...
Credit Spread (options) - Credit Spread Options
... options on the same security/index in the same month, but at different strike prices ... (This is also a vertical spread) If the trader is BEARISH (expects prices to fall), you use a bearish call spread ... Trader Joe expects XYZ to fall from its current price of $35 a share ...

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