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Skyscraper Index - Details
... First, a decline in interest rates at the onset of a boom drives land prices ... Second, a decline in interest rates allows increase in average size of a firm, creating demand for larger office spaces ... Third, low interest rates provide investment to construction technologies that enable developers to break earlier records ...
Late-2000s Recession - Policy Recommendations - Raising Interest Rates
... The Bank of Israel was the first to raise interest rates after the global recession began ... It increased rates in August 2009 ... became the first G20 country to raise its main interest rate, with the Reserve Bank of Australia moving rates up from 3.00% to 3.25% ...
Subprime Mortgage Crisis Solutions Debate - Liquidity - Lower Interest Rates - Arguments Against Lower Interest Rates
... economic theory suggests that lowering interest rates relative to other countries weakens the domestic currency ... capital flows to nations with higher interest rates (after subtracting inflation and the political risk premium), causing the domestic currency to be sold in favor of ... Further, there is risk that the stimulus provided by lower interest rates can lead to demand-driven inflation once the economy is growing again ...
... moneylender who makes unsecured loans at high interest ... An illegal loan shark who goes above legally permitted maximum interest rates is called Yamikin, short for Dark Finance (Yami Kinyu), and many of them lend at 10% for 10 days ... Loan rates used to be as high as 29.2%, substantial given that official interest rates are near zero ...
Lost Decade (Japan) - Interpretations
... in which monetary policy is unable to lower nominal interest rates because these are close to zero) ... Japan's high personal savings rates, driven in part by the demographics of an aging population, enabled Japanese firms to rely heavily on traditional bank loans from ... proportions." The Bank of Japan began increasing interest rates in 1990 due in part to concerns over the bubble and in 1991 land and stock prices began a steep decline, within a few years reaching 60 ...

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    Families suffered badly under industrialization, but they survived, and the lives of men, women, and children improved. Children, once marginal and exploited figures, have moved to a position of greater protection and respect,... The historic decline in the overall death rates for children is an astonishing social fact, notwithstanding the disgraceful infant mortality figures for the poor and minorities. Like the decline in death from childbirth for women, this is a stunning achievement.
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    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)