Stephen I

Stephen I may refer to:

  • Pope Stephen I, Bishop of Rome from 254 to 257
  • Stephen I of Iberia (died 627), of the Guaramid Dynasty, presiding prince of Iberia from c. 590 to 627
  • Ecumenical Patriarch Stephen I of Constantinople (867–893), Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Stephen I, Count of Troyes (died 1020), seventh Count of Meaux
  • Stephen I of Hungary (967/969/975 – 1038), Grand Prince of the Hungarians and first King of Hungary
  • Stephen I of Croatia (ruled 1030–1058)
  • Stephen I, Count of Burgundy (1065–1102), Count Palatine of Burgundy, Count of Burgundy and Count of Mâcon and Vienne
  • Stephen of England (c. 1096 – 1154) may be referred to as Stephen I
  • Stephen I of Sancerre (1133–1190), Count of Sancerre and son of Count Theobald II of Champagne
  • Stefan Nemanja (1109–1199), Medieval Serb nobleman, Grand Prince of the medieval Serb state of Rascia
  • Stephen I, Duke of Bavaria (1271–1310), duke of Lower Bavaria as co-regent of his older brothers Otto III and Louis III
  • Stephen I of Bosnia (1242–1314), Bosnian Ban
  • Stephen I of Moldavia, 1394–1399
  • Stephen Báthory of Poland (1533–1586), Hungarian noble Prince of Transylvania, King consort of Poland and Grand Duke consort of Lithuania.

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Historical Development Of The Doctrine Of Papal Primacy - Early Christianity - Stephen I
... The first bishop to claim primacy in writing was Pope Stephen I (254-257) ... The timing of the claim is significant, for it was made during the worst of the tumults of the 3rd century ...
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... Crusades Stephen I, Count of Burgundy House of Ivrea Born 1065 Died 1102 Preceded by Reginald II Count Palatine of Burgundy 1097–1102 Succeeded by Reginald (Renaud) III ...

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    I forsak the, Kyng Herowdes, and thi werkes alle;
    Ther is a chyld in Bedlem born is beter than we alle.’
    —Unknown. St. Stephen and King Herod (l. 6–8)