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Before 1914, Stella Matutina was a truly international school with Jesuit Professors and Students from the USA, England, Ireland, Italy, France, the many regions of Austria-Hungary, Germany and Switzerland. The conversational language was Latin. The Jesuit professors were expected to publish in their respective fields and not a few of them taught at the Gregorian University after or before they were at the Stella. A 1931 volume of twenty-six publications shows a wide range of topics, from theology to law and natural sciences;

The Stella Matutina scholars were recognized at the time. Achille Ratti, later on Pope Pius XI and Ludwig von Pastor went to Feldkirch to conduct joint research with Jesuit professors of the Stella. After the outbreak of World War I, the Stella lost much of its international flair and educated mainly students from German speaking counties among them much of the Catholic aristocracy. The religious spirit of Stella Matutina manifested itself in the occupational choices after graduation. Over twenty of the graduates (1896–1938) entered the priesthood, many of them the order of the Jesuits.

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