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List of Certain Known Stay-behind Plans
... I (nl) (Netherlands) (The Dutch secret stay-behind organisation was the only non connected NATO organisation in Europe.) Operation Gladio (Italy, although working in many countries) Lochos Oreinon ...
Bug Sessions Volume One - Track Listings
... "Certain Tragedy" Stay What You Are 242 2 ... "Freakish" Stay What You Are 406 4 ... "This is Not an Exit" Stay What You Are 430 2 ...
... In a stay-behind operation, a country places secret operatives or organisations in its own territory, for use in the event that the territory is overrun by an enemy ... Small-scale operations covered only small areas, but larger stay-behind operations envisaged entire countries being conquered ... Significant stay-behind operations existed during World War II ...
Apparently Unaffected - Track Listing
... Love" – 309 "Boytoy Baby" – 251 "If You'll Stay in My Past (Part 1)" – 109 "He's Hurting Me" feat. 220 "Just Hold Me" – 424 "Long Time Coming" – 245 "If You'll Stay in My Past (Part 2)" – 118 "Nevermind Me" – 355 "These Shoes" – 154 "Our Battles" – 333 "Calm Under the Waves ...
Stay - Other Media
... Stay (novel), a crime novel by Nicola Griffith Stay (Caletti novel), a young-adult novel by Deb Caletti Stay (film), a 2005 psychological thriller directed by Marc Forster Sleeping Dogs Lie (2006 ...

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    I’ll stay by your side until you confess. And if you don’t, I’ll feed you to the villagers like the Romans fed Christians to the lions.
    —Willis Cooper. Rowland V. Lee. Krogh (Lionel Atwill)

    If you tie a horse to a stake, do you expect he will grow fat? If you pen an Indian up on a small spot of earth, and compel him to stay there, he will not be contented, nor will he grow and prosper. I have asked some of the great white chiefs where they get their authority to say to the Indian that he shall stay in one place, while he sees white men going where they please. They can not tell me.
    Chief Joseph (c. 1840–1904)

    I, who cannot stay in my chamber for a single day without acquiring some rust,... confess that I am astonished at the power of endurance, to say nothing of the moral insensibility, of my neighbors who confine themselves to shops and offices the whole day for weeks and months, aye, and years almost together. I know not what manner of stuff they are of,—sitting there now at three o’clock in the afternoon, as if it were three o’clock in the morning.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)