Stationary Set

In mathematics, particularly in set theory and model theory, there are at least three notions of stationary set:

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Minimal Condition Sufficient For A Mahlo Cardinal
... If κ is a limit ordinal and the set of regular ordinals less than κ is stationary in κ, then κ is weakly Mahlo ... suppose that it is not regular and construct a club set which gives us a μ such that μ = cf(μ) < cf(κ) < μ < κ which is a contradiction ... No stationary set can exist below with the required property because {2,3,4...} is club in ω but contains no regular ordinals so κ is uncountable ...
Stationary Set - Generalized Notion
... Now let be a nonempty set ... A set is club (closed and unbounded) if and only if there is a function such that ... is stationary in if and only if it meets every club subset of ...

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