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Academic Rank In France - State University System
... and since all French universities are state-run, professors are also civil servants ... professor by passing the agrégation (distinct from the secondary school system's agrégation, more widespread) ... Secondary school professors teaching at university level (for example a foreign language) Professeur invité similar to a professor of practice in the United ...
Tallahassee, Florida - Education - Higher Education
... The Florida State University (commonly referred to as Florida State or FSU) is a space-grant and sea-grant public university located in Tallahassee ... It is a comprehensive doctoral research university with medical programs and significant research activity as determined by the Carnegie Foundation ... The university consists of 15 separate colleges and 39 centers, facilities, labs and institutes that offer over 300 programs of study, including professional programs ...
Connecticut State University System
... The Connecticut State University System (CSUS) is a public university system in Connecticut ... It is the largest university system in the state ... The system dates back to the founding Central Connecticut State University in 1849 as a normal school for teacher education ...
Western Collegiate Lacrosse League - History
... Champion at the end of the season to determine a conference or "California State Champion" ... UCSB captured the final state championship played under this arrangement defeating their northern counterparts in 1978 ... In 1979, at the urging of CLA VP and San Diego State alum Mitch Fenton, a separate organization for the collegiate teams in both the CLA and NCLA was brainstormed ...
Schools In Florida - Public Colleges and Universities - State University System of Florida
... The State University System of Florida manages and funds Florida's eleven public universities and a public Liberal Arts college Florida A M University ... In 2000, the governor and the state legislature abolished the Florida Board of Regents, which long had governed the State University System of Florida, and ... referendum designed to restore the board-of-regents system ...

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