Star Wraith

Star Wraith (1999–2000) was the first game made by Star Wraith 3D Games with the title Star Wraith as well as the first game of the Star Wraith series. It superseded Raven and Star Wolf, the third and fourth official games made by SW3DG respectively. While its predecessors were written in QuickBasic, Star Wraith was written entirely in DarkBasic. Star Wraith is now almost nonexistent on the internet as it has been made all but obsolete by newer titles.

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Star Wraith - Story
... Star Wraith has a basic story which was very underdeveloped and mostly only explained why the combat was going on ... Star Wraith and Star Wraith II do not easily seem to flow into the stories of Star Wraith III and Star Wraith IV ... This seems to suggest that Star Wraith and Star Wraith II are no longer canon ...
Star Wraith: Shadows Of Orion
... Star Wraith Shadows of Orion (also known as Star Wraith III or Star Wraith 3) is the third game in the Star Wraith series developed by StarWraith 3D Games LLC ... It is the successor of Star Wraith II ... Star Wraith IV Reviction is the successor to Star Wraith III ...
Star Wraith IV: Reviction
... Star Wraith IV Reviction (2004-2005) is the last game bearing the Star Wraith title in the Star Wraith 3D Games series ... While having many resemblances to Star Wraith Shadows of Orion, Star Wraith IV had a linear campaign and far more capable multiplayer capabilities ...
Star Wraith: Shadows Of Orion - Gameplay
... Star Wraith III is a 3D space combat simulator for Windows ... Although the story is very similar to the game's predecessors, Star Wraith and Star Wraith II, the game deviates slightly from the conflict between the Alliance and the ... Unlike Star Wraith II, which sported a linear campaign, Star Wraith III features a "dynamic" campaign ...

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