Stanley Rangers - Former Stanley Rangers Players Who Have Turned Professional

Former Stanley Rangers Players Who Have Turned Professional

  • Jack Abson: Dewsbury Rams
  • Steve Abrahams: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Mark Applegarth: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, York City Knights
  • Nathan Armitage: Bradford Bulls, Batley Bulldogs
  • Mark Aston: Sheffield Eagles, Featherstone Rovers, Bramley Buffaloes, Great Britain
  • Danny Barnes: Halifax
  • John Barnes: Dewsbury Rams
  • James Brown: Sheffield Eagles
  • Steve Brown: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Craig Cawthray: Featherstone Rovers, Hunslet Hawks
  • Chris Chester: Halifax, Wigan Warriors, Hull F.C., Hull Kingston Rovers
  • Scott Childs: Hunslet Hawks
  • Michael "Micky" Clarkson: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Featherstone Rovers
  • Mark Colbeck: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Richard Colley: Bradford Bulls, Barrow Raiders, Batley Bulldogs
  • Mark Conway: Leeds Rhinos, Wakefield Trinity
  • Ben Cooper: Sheffield Eagles, Huddersfield Giants, Leigh Centurions
  • Liam Crawley: Dewsbury Rams, Doncaster
  • Paul Crook: Oldham Roughyeds
  • Kevin Crowther: Bradford Bulls, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, London Broncos, Warrington Wolves, Dewsbury Rams, Batley Bulldogs,
  • James Davey: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Gareth Dobson: Castleford Tigers
  • Steve Durham: Hull F.C., Wakefield Trinity
  • Kevin Eadie: Featherstone Rovers, Doncaster
  • Barry Eaton: Wales, Doncaster, Wakefield Trinity, Dewsbury Rams, Castleford Tigers, Widnes Vikings, Keighley Cougars,
  • James Endersby: Leeds Carnegie, Leeds Rhinos, Doncaster
  • Gareth Firm: Hunslet Hawks
  • Albert 'Budgie' Firth: Wakefield Trinity, York
  • Matt Firth: Halifax, Keighley Cougars, Rochdale Hornets, Hunslet Hawks
  • David Foster: Halifax, Keighley Cougars, Hunslet Hawks
  • Richard Goddard: Wakefield Trinity, Castleford Tigers, York, Sheffield Eagles
  • Stuart Godfrey: York City Knights
  • Chris Green: Dewsbury Rams
  • Simon Greenwood-Haigh: Hunslet Hawks
  • Chris Grice: Hunslet Hawks, Dewsbury Rams
  • Danny Grice: York City Knights
  • Josh Griffin: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Huddersfield Giants
  • Danny Grimshaw: York City Knights, Hunslet Hawks
  • Adie Hampshire: York City Knights
  • Billy Harris: Castleford Tigers
  • John Hirst: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Andy Hobson: Halifax, Widnes Vikings, Dewsbury Rams, Leigh Centurions, Blackpool Panthers
  • Ryan Hudson: Huddersfield Giants, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Castleford Tigers, Bradford Bulls
  • Carl Hughes: York City Knights, Featherstone Rovers, Keighley Cougars, Doncaster
  • Paul Hughes: Featherstone Rovers, York City Knights, Dewsbury Rams, Doncaster
  • Keiran Hyde: Bradford Bulls, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Craig Ibbotson: Hunslet Hawks
  • Keith Jones: Castleford Tigers
  • Kevin Jones: Castleford Tigers
  • Robin Jowitt: Dewsbury Rams, Gateshead Thunder, Featherstone Rovers,
  • Warren Jowitt: Bradford Bulls, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Salford City Reds, Hull F.C., Dewsbury Rams
  • Stuart Kain: Castleford Tigers, Gateshead Thunder, Hunslet Hawks,
  • Billy Kershaw: Dewsbury Rams, Sheffield Eagles
  • Kevin King: Castleford Tigers, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Rochdale Hornets, Batley Bulldogs
  • Matty King: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Danny Kirmond: Featherstone Rovers, Huddersfield Giants, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Gary Lord: Castleford Tigers, Oldham Roughyeds, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Featherstone Rovers
  • Paul Lord: Oldham Roughyeds, Swinton Lions, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Barry Lumb: Wakefield Trinity
  • Gordon Lynch: Doncaster
  • Tom Lynch: Hull, Featherstone Rovers
  • Anthony Marsh: Doncaster
  • Richard Marsh: Doncaster
  • Billy Maxwell: Dewsbury Rams
  • Allister McMaster: Dewsbury Rams
  • Adam Milner: Castleford Tigers
  • Dean Mountain: Castleford Tigers
  • Chris Molyneux: Huddersfield Giants, Sheffield Eagles, Batley Bulldogs, Featherstone Rovers
  • Phil Payne: Castleford Tigers
  • Mark Pease: Leeds Tykes
  • Adam Robinson: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Doncaster, Oldham Roughyeds, Dewsbury Rams, Batley Bulldogs
  • Craig Robinson: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Rochdale Hornets, Oldham Roughyeds, Doncaster
  • Darren Rogers: Castleford Tigers, Dewsbury Rams
  • Dean Sampson: Great Britain, England, Castleford Tigers, Hunslet Hawks
  • Gary Shillabeer (Shillabear): Huddersfield Giants, Featherstone Rovers, Batley Bulldogs
  • Sean (Shawn) Snowden: Castleford Tigers
  • Andy Speak: Leeds Rhinos, Sheffield Eagles, Halifax, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Castleford Tigers, Dewsbury Rams
  • Rob Spicer: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, York City Knights, Dewsbury Rams
  • Clayton Stott: Leeds Rhinos
  • Craig Taylor: Dewsbury Rams, Hunslet Hawks
  • Geoff Tennant: Bramley Buffaloes
  • Geoff Tomlinson: Bramley Buffaloes
  • Kyle Trout: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Craig Vines: Leeds Rhinos
  • David Wakefield: Wakefield Trinity, Doncaster
  • Scott Walker: Leeds Rhinos, Hunslet Hawks
  • Kevin Ward: Great Britain, Castleford Tigers, Manly-Warringah, St. Helens,
  • John Wells: Halifax
  • David White: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Featherstone Rovers
  • Gareth Whitehead: Hunslet Hawks
  • Taron Wildey: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Dewsbury Rams
  • Matthew Wildie: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Chris Woolford: Dewsbury Rams
  • Danny Wray: Dewsbury Rams
  • Matt Wray: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Featherstone Rovers, Hunslet Hawks
  • Nigel Wright: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Wigan, Huddersfield Giants,

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