SS Mont-Blanc - Remains of Ship

Remains of Ship

Mont-Blanc was completely destroyed and scattered by the explosion. The blast ripped through her hull and cargo at more than 1,000 metres per second. 5,000°C and thousands of atmospheres accompanied the moment of detonation at the centre of the explosion. Steel fragments from her hull and fittings landed all over Halifax and Dartmouth, some traveling over four kilometres. Today several large fragments, such as one of Mont-Blanc's cannons and her anchor shank, are mounted where they landed as monuments to the explosion. Others are on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax which has a large collection of Mont-Blanc fragments; many recovered from the homes of survivors.

The wrecked remnants of one of Mont-Blanc's lifeboats was found washed ashore at the foot of Morris Street on December 26, 1917. Name boards from the boat were salvaged and collected by Harry Piers of the Nova Scotia Museum and are today part of the collection of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

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