Spool may refer to:

  • Spool, a usually low-flanged or unflanged cylinder on which thread, wire, cable, paper, film, or tape is wound for distribution or use.
    • Bobbin, a cylinder or reel on which a quantity of thread, yarn or wire is wound for use in a particular machine or device
    • Cable reel used to carry various types of electrical wires
  • Spool (software company), a software company that allows users to save video and text onto their mobile devices to view the content offline
  • Spooling, Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-line, transferring data between media concurrently with other work, in computing
  • Spool (turbine), a shaft of a gas turbine engine or turbocharger. "Spooling up" usually refers to a turbine engine spinning up
  • Spool (pool), a large spa/small pool (an insulated inground small pool with spa jets built-in, named by Insulated Water Structures)
  • Spool (axle), a term for a solid axle, one which does not have a differential to allow a wheel speed difference from side to side
  • Spool (band), a band from London, Canada in the 1990s who released music on "Derivative Records"
  • Spool (pipe), a short length (5-10m but sometimes up to 80m) of rigid pipe typically used to tie in a pipeline to a structure
  • Spool (record label), active from 1998–2008

Other articles related to "spool":

Spool Knitting
... Spool knitting, corking, French knitting or tomboy knitting is a form of knitting that uses a spool and a number of nails to produce a narrow tube of fabric, similar to i-co ... Spool knitting is a traditional way to teach children the basic principles of knitting ... in a spiral to produce a mat or rug, or if a larger spool with more nails in is used, a sock or a hat could be made ...
Planet Eclipse Ego - Variations - Geo
... Geo (2009) Unlike all the Egos, which are poppet style markers, The Geo is a spool valve marker ... The Geo uses a "SC" (Spool Cure) bolt, the bolt itself and the solenoid are the only moving part ... The Geo has been designed to have all of the benefits of a spool valve with none of the drawbacks ...
Planet Eclipse Ego - Operation
... Compared to spool valve markers like the Smart Parts Shocker and the Dye Matrix as well as the Geo, a spool valve designed by Planet Eclipse ... The Ego also boasts a faster rate of fire over its spool valve competitors ...
String Potentiometer - Components
... are composed of four main parts a measuring cable, spool, spring, and rotational sensor ... machined constant diameter cylindrical spool that turns as the measuring cable reels and unreels ... To maintain cable tension, a torsion spring is coupled to the spool ...
Electrohydraulic Servo Valve - Principle of Operation
... deflected nozzle flapper system produces a pressure difference across the drive areas of the spool and effects its movement ... transducer (LVDT) which is excited via an oscillator measures the position of the spool (actual value, position voltage) ... Thus the position of the spool is proportional to the electric command signal ...

Famous quotes containing the word spool:

    One sought not absolute truth. One sought only a spool on which to wind the thread of history without breaking it.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)