Spidey Super Stories - Episodes - 1975–1976


Title Narrator Summary
"The Birthday Bandit" Luis Avalos The Birthday Bandit (Jim Boyd), dressed in a multi-colored suit, steals birthday party items, saying what he is doing in Dr. Seuss-style rhyme. He concludes that an oversized cake is a trap set by Spidey.
"Spidey Meets the Prankster" Skip Hinnant Spidey is visiting the Short Circus when several practical jokes occur. Spidey eventually links them to Principal Prescott (Jim Boyd), who after being captured admits he was frustrated by a series of recent pranks by the Short Circus and only wanted to get even.

This was also episode 60A's sketch of the day.

"Spidey Meets the Blowhard" Janina Matthews A man in a tuxedo and cape (Luis Avalos), who fancies himself as the Big Bad Wolf, plots revenge on Fargo North Decoder (Skip Hinnant) after the detective foiled his plans to blow down Trenton, New Jersey. Meanwhile, Fargo's friends plan a surprise birthday party for him. Later, when Fargo is asked to blow out the candles, The Blowhard crashes the party. Spidey is quickly able to capture the villain, thanks to Paul the Gorilla smashing the birthday cake into Blowhard's face as he prepares to blow. Spidey and Paul then venture out to buy another cake, since Paul used the original to stun the Blowhard.
"Who Stole the Show?" Todd Graff A former child star named Winky Goodyshoes (Hattie Winston) bemoans her inability to find suitable work. Later, she steals the props and costumes from an auditorium where a dress rehearsal is in progress. Spidey catches Winky before she can literally move the show too far off-Broadway. However, the cast remembers the former child star and they offer her a chance to star in the show as the villain.

This sketch features a flashback scene of the villain's childhood, with Short Circus member Réjane Magloire making a cameo appearance as the young Winky.

"Spidey Meets the Yeti" Todd Graff An abominable snowman (Jim Boyd) becomes homesick after wandering away from his home in the Frozen North, and sits on various cold items to help him cope. Spidey sets a trap to catch the Yeti, after which a policeman (Morgan Freeman) wants to take him into custody. Spidey persuades the policeman to let him take the Yeti back home.
"Spidey Meets the Mouse" Janina Mathews A college student (Skip Hinnant)who doesn't receive cheese on his Big Mac sandwich dons a giant mouse costume and steals cheese from other cheeseburgers and the tops of pizzas. He then abducts the judge of a large cheese contest (Morgan Freeman) and, stealing his clothes, takes his place at the contest, but before he can run off with the grand prize, Spider-Man snares him in his web.

For his role as "The Mouse", Skip wears the outfit he regularly wore for his character, "Mr. Mouse", who was a regular recurring Electric Company character.

"Spidey Meets the Sitter" A young man (Luis Avalos) decides it would be fun to don an old lady's wig and dress, in order to take jobs as a baby-sitter as an opportunity to steal things. Spidey shows up to foil the faux-granny and sticks around to help with the baby-sitting.
"Spidey Fixes the Hum" June Angela An aspiring rock star named David Dinger (Luis Avalos) from rock 'n' roll's earliest days would hum his songs because he could not remember the words: critics dub him the Hum Dinger. By 1960, the hits stop coming and he works as an electronics repairman. He defrauds his customers by revealing phony hums in their equipment. Spidey investigates and tracks Hum down at the home of a customer (Judy Graubart) and her son (Todd Graff), foiling him by leaving a radio turned on until Hum could no longer maintain his hum.
"Spidey Nabs the Sandman" A burglar named The Sandman (Luis Avalos) dresses as sleepwalker Wee Willie Winkie. He sedates and robs his victims by sprinkling magic sand on them. The Sandman happens upon a grand gala with nearly the entire cast. He sprinkles sand on everyone. Spidey arrives and investigates a pile of sand and falls asleep. He awakens and tracks down The Sandman, nabbing him using The Sandman's sand against him.

This is not the Sandman from the original Spider-Man comics.

"Spidey Meets the Tickler" Hattie Winston The Tickler (Luis Avalos) is a bitter failed comedian. He dresses as legendary William Tell and pesters pedestrians with his bad jokes, tickling his helpless victims with feathers and robbing them when they don't laugh. Spidey corners the Tickler but he runs out of web. The Tickler tells Spidey jokes, and Spidey pretends to laugh. He tells more jokes until he finds himself arrested.

Best joke of the Tickler's: Q - Why does a duck have webbed feet? A - Because if he had a webbed head, he'd be Spider-Man!

"Spidey Gets the Old One-Two" June Angela Conk (Jim Boyd) and Bonk (Luis Avalos) were ordinary third graders until a bully stole their lunches. The duo dress in black suits and derbies and assault their victims: Conk with a large mallet to the head, Bonk with a boxing glove to the stomach, grabbing their victims' lunches before they can recuperate. With a good samaritan's (Janina Matthews) help, Spidey uses a peanut butter and banana sandwich to set a trap.

Note: Conk and Bonk were a parody of the Alka-Seltzer commercial running at the time: the personifications of headache (Conk) and upset stomach (Bonk) would assault people who hadn't been eating right, only to be defeated when the victims would take Alka-Seltzer.

"Spidey Meets Eye Patch" Eye Patch (Skip Hinnant) is a pirate with an evil eye, concealed by a patch. Anyone who is exposed to Eye Patch's powers are prompted to do the last thing they would ever want to do. He causes trouble in town. He flashes his eye at Spidey who dances foolishly, allowing Eye Patch to escape. Eye Patch then flashes his eye at a peace-loving flower child (Judy Graubart) who punches him in the cursed eye (the last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt someone), taking away Eye Patch's power and giving him a whole new outlook on life (no pun intended) as he, Spidey, and the flower child walk off together.
"Spidey Meets Silly Willy" Todd Graff Similar to The Tickler, a failed clown named Silly Willy (Jim Boyd) takes out his frustrations with inane antics such as bopping himself over the head with a rubber chicken. As he causes passers-by (including Hattie Winston and Morgan Freeman) to respond with laughter, he robs them. Spidey captures the evil clown when he attempts his silly antics at a posh dinner party.
"The Uninvited" As a youngster, The Uninvited (Luis Avalos) is the only child in his class to not be invited to a birthday party. He gets his revenge by inviting himself to parties to rob the guests. One of The Uninvited's victims is J. Arthur Crank (Jim Boyd, cameoing his signature role on The Electric Company), when the Uninvited invites himself to Crank's bath night, stealing his last dry towel and his rubber duckie: the one his friend Ernie gave him! Just as the Uninvited invites himself to steal a construction worker's (Judy Graubart) salary, Spidey extends a special invitation to The Uninvited: to jail, courtesy of a webbing.
"Spidey After the Fox" The Fox (Hattie Winston) is a villain in a fox costume who prowls the streets to rip people off, including their clothes. Spidey sets a trap, standing on the street in a trenchcoat, hat, and dark glasses. The Fox sneaks up, strips Spidey's trenchcoat off and sees that it is actually Spidey. Spidey launches his web and captures her.
"Spidey Meets the Sack" Rodney Lewis A man dressed in a 100-pound flour sack (Jim Boyd) throws vegetables, cream pies and other food items at people for amusement; The Sack's costume enables him to hide amongst other large sacks, barrels, etc., undetected. Spidey and the police officer (Morgan Freeman) track The Sack to a bakery, where Spidey hopes that by throwing flour into the air, The Sack will become lost in the fog, making for an easy capture. The plan doesn't work, and The Sack makes his getaway.

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