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Silvia Adriana Ţicău
... Seeber Ursula Stenzel Hannes Swoboda Johannes Voggenhuber Belgian MEPs 2004–2009 Dutch electoral college Ivo Belet Frieda Brepoels Philip Claeys Jean-Luc Dehaene Mia De Vits Koenraad ... Hannes Swoboda Josef Weidenholzer Angelika Werthmann Belgian MEPs 2009–2014 Dutch-speaking electoral college Ivo Belet Philip Claeys Philippe De Backer Jean-Luc Dehaene Mark ...
New Brunswick Electoral Redistribution, 1973
... The New Brunswick electoral redistribution of 1973 was the most radical redistribution of electoral districts in the history of New Brunswick, Canada ... Under this redistribution, New Brunswick changed from a bloc voting electoral system to first past the post ...
Elections In Europe - Voting System - Country By Country
... There is still great variety of electoral procedures within these countries with some countries using a highest averages method of proportional ... where the country is split into 3 constiuencies the Dutch-speaking electoral college, the French-speaking electoral college, and the German-speaking electoral ... MEPs using party list PR, but the German speaking constituency only has 1 member, so that seat is not elected strictly by a proportional method ...
Electoral Roll
... The electoral roll (or electoral register) is a listing of all those registered to vote in a particular area ... Electoral registers are used in many democracies including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand ...
United States Presidential Electors - Contemporary Conflict
... Arguments between proponents and opponents of the current electoral system include four separate but related topics indirect election, disproportionate voting ... Arguments against the Electoral College in common discussion mostly focus on the allocation of the voting power among the states ... Gary Bugh’s research of congressional debates over proposed Electoral College amendments reveals that reform opponents have often appealed to a traditional version of ...

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    I never feel so conscious of my race as I do when I stand before a class of twenty-five young men and women eager to learn about what it is to be black in America.
    Claire Oberon Garcia, African American college professor. As quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education, p. B3 (July 27, 1994)

    Bolkenstein, a Minister, was speaking on the Dutch programme from London, and he said that they ought to make a collection of diaries and letters after the war. Of course, they all made a rush at my diary immediately. Just imagine how interesting it would be if I were to publish a romance of the “Secret Annexe.” The title alone would be enough to make people think it was a detective story.
    Anne Frank (1929–1945)

    Power is action; the electoral principle is discussion. No political action is possible when discussion is permanently established.
    Honoré De Balzac (1799–1850)