Son Tay

Son Tay

Coordinates: 21°08′N 105°30′E / 21.133°N 105.500°E / 21.133; 105.500

Tay Son
Thị xã Tay son
Tay Son
Coordinates: 21°8′N 105°30′E / 21.133°N 105.500°E / 21.133; 105.500
Country Vietnam
Province Hanoi

Sơn Tây ( listen) is an urban district and city in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It was the capital of Son Tay province before merging with Ha Dong province in 1965. Son Tay lies 35 km west of the capital Hanoi and is often referred to as “soldier town” due to the proliferation of army barracks and military institutions that surrounds the town, including the Vietnamese People's Army Infantry Academy.

A U.S. military prisoner-of-war rescue attempt occurred here in the early morning hours of November 21, 1970. A special task force of Green Berets, supported by Air Force and Navy assets, raided a POW camp located in the province. The raid failed when it was discovered there were no prisoners there, but managed to depart with minimal loss in equipment and no loss of life for the raiding force.

Son Tay’s future is seen as being very much that of a satellite city of Hanoi and as a result there are plans to relocate universities and other public facilities to Son Tay where land is cheaper and more plentiful. The government have commenced this ambitious program by duplicating the main Hanoi—Sơn Tây carriageway which was expected to be completed in 2009.

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Liu Yongfu - Son Tay, Bac Ninh and Hung Hoa
... Liu Yongfu suffered a major defeat at the hands of Admiral Amédée Courbet in the Son Tay Campaign ... in the engagements at Phu Sa on 14 December and Son Tay on 16 December, the Black Flags were unable to prevent the French from storming Son Tay ... Although there were also Chinese and Vietnamese contingents at Son Tay, the Black Flag Army bore the brunt of the fighting, and took very heavy casualties ...
Leroy J. Manor - Raid On Son Tay
... was to rescue United States military personnel held as prisoners of war at Son Tay, North Vietnam. 1970 after American intelligence had identified Son Tay Prison, near Hanoi, as a prisoner of war detention camp ... Nixon to Manor on 25 November 1970 for his planning of the raid on Son Tay ...
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... was entrusted to Admiral Courbet, who attacked Son Tay in December 1883 ... The Son Tay Campaign was the fiercest campaign the French had yet fought in Tonkin ... Although the Chinese and Vietnamese contingents at Son Tay played little part in the defence, Liu Yongfu's Black Flags fought ferociously to hold the city ...
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... The battle to take Son Tay was the fiercest engagement the French had yet fought against the Black Flags ... he was obliged to abandon the Phu Sa positions and withdraw into the fortified perimeter of Son Tay ... December, Courbet assaulted the defences of Son Tay from the northwest on the afternoon of 16 December ...
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... One jaundiced French officer commented, 'Admiral Courbet took Son Tay as you would expect a sailor to do by boarding.' According to reports later received by the ... The fighting at Son Tay took a terrible toll of the Black Flags, and in the opinion of the British observer William Mesny broke them once and for all as a serious ... The disproportionate sacrifices made by the Black Flag Army at Son Tay had important consequences ...

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