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Reduction (complexity) - Types and Applications of Reductions
... Many-one reductions map instances of one problem to instances of another Turing reductions compute the solution to one problem, assuming the other problem is easy to solve ... Weaker reductions are more effective at separating problems, but they have less power, making reductions harder to design ... A problem is complete for a complexity class if every problem in the class reduces to that problem, and it is also in the class itself ...
Overview of Trends in Knowledge Engineering
... According to the transfer view the human knowledge required to solve a problem is transferred and implemented into the knowledge base ... knowledge is already present in humans to solve a problem ... knowledge an individual acquires in order to solve a problem ...
How To Solve It - Heuristics
... dictionary-style set of heuristics, many of which have to do with generating a more accessible problem ... Informal Description Formal analogue Analogy Can you find a problem analogous to your problem and solve that? Map Generalization Can you find a problem more ... n men digging m ditches) problems ...

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    The term preschooler signals another change in our expectations of children. While toddler refers to physical development, preschooler refers to a social and intellectual activity: going to school. That shift in emphasis is tremendously important, for it is at this age that we think of children as social creatures who can begin to solve problems.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)