SOBI2 - Features - Different Views For Presentation of Categories and Entries


Different Views For Presentation of Categories and Entries

As a complex Joomla! component, Sobi2 has different views for front-end.

The main view of Sobi2 typically consists of the presentation of the main categories. Additionally the entries within those main categories or all entries in the directory can be shown in V-Card view.

Additionally to the category views there are other views available which will show V-cards of entries. E.g. it is possible to show the newest/latest, the most popular or recently edited entries or only the entries of a specific user.

An alpha index is available to show entries and categories (or only entries) starting with a certain letter in V-Card view. The alpha index is configurable and the letters can be arranged.

The meta keywords entered for the entries, can be used as tags. All tags of an entry can be shown in the detailed view as links to lists with all entries with the same tagged word. Using tags is recommended for a good indexing in search engines.

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