SN, Sn, or s.n. may refer to:

  • SN machine gun
  • SN postcode area, the UK postcode district containing Swindon and much of North Wiltshire
  • n-sphere or Sn
  • Samyutta Nikaya or SN, a Buddhist scripture
  • Serial number
  • Sine nomine or s.n., a Latin term for "without a name"
  • Space Network, a NASA's relay satellite system
  • Standards Norway
  • Stronnictwo Narodowe (National Party), a Polish political party
  • Substantia nigra, a brain structure
  • Supernova
  • Sutta Nipata or Sn, a Buddhist scripture
  • Symmetric group or Sn
  • Tin, a metallic element
  • Brussels Airlines's IATA code
    • Sabena's IATA code
  • Senegal's ISO country code
    • .sn, the ccTLD of Senegal
  • Shona language's ISO 639 alpha-2 code
  • sn, one of Jacobi's elliptic functions
  • sn, the surname attribute of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

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Binary Alkali and Alkaline Earth Stannides
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