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Singles 90/98 - Track Listing - Disc 5
... Sly (Album Version)" – 526 "Sly (7" Edit)" – 411 "Sly (7 Stones Mix)" – 558 "Sly (Underdog Mix)" – 519 "Sly (Underdog Double Bass A cappella)" – 337 "Sly (Cosmic ...
List Of Sly Cooper Characters - Enemies - The Fiendish Five - Mz. Ruby
... Sly confronted her in her lair in Haiti, defeating the various spirits and demons she had summoned and breaking into her sanctuary ... She challenged Sly to a rhythmic magic duel after defeating her first trap (making the jaws of her skull-shaped lair try to bite Sly), Sly defeating her and reclaiming the stolen section of the Raccoonus ...
Sly Mongoose
... Sly Mongoose is the third science fiction novel of Caribbean writer Tobias S ... The name "Sly Mongoose" is taken from a Jamaican folk song ...
Sly - Other
... Character from the video game Deathtrack Sly (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby fox Sly Cooper (character) ...
Slyvester Greytail
... Slyvester Greytail (also known as Sly) first appeared in Extinctioners volume 1, issue 1 (story and pencils by Shawntae Howard, inks by Malcolm Earle, and color by Eric Blumrich) ... Son of Richard Greytail, Sly is also the first cousin of Redford Firefox ... Sly was always a shy and quiet todd, who would often bury himself in his schoolwork and his love, starship mechanics ...

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    I teazed him with fanciful apprehensions of unhappiness. A moth having fluttered round the candle, and burnt itself, he laid hold of this little incident to admonish me; saying, with a sly look, and in a solemn but quiet tone, “That creature was its own tormentor, and I believe its name was BOSWELL.”
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    You’re so sly and so am I.
    Michael Mann, U.S. screenwriter. Jimmy Price (Dan E. Butler)

    The most domestic cat, which has lain on a rug all her days, appears quite at home in the woods, and, by her sly and stealthy behavior, proves herself more native there than the regular inhabitants.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)