Slav, Slavic or Slavonic may refer to:

  • Slavic peoples
    • Slavic languages
    • Slavic mythology
    • Slavic names
    • Slavic surnames
    • the Church Slavonic language, and its earliest form, the Old Church Slavonic language
  • Slav (village), a former Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip
  • The Slav Defense, a chess opening

Other articles related to "slavic":

Slavic Neopaganism - Inceptions
... The pre-Christian religions of the Slavic peoples probably died out slowly in the countryside after the official adoption of Christianity (Moravia in 863, Poland in 966, Kievan Rus' in 988) ... In the 19th century, many Slavic nations experienced a Romantic fascination with an idealised Slavic Arcadia believed to have existed before the advent of Christianity, combining ... In the absence of extensive written or archaeological evidence for the destroyed Slavic religions, these artistic visions were important in rebuilding interest in the lost Slavic heritage after the unmitigated ...
Slavic Neopaganism
... Slavic Neopaganism ( sometimes called Rodnovery, a compound word of rodna "native" and vera "faith" Russian Родноверие/Rodnoverie, Родославие/Rodoslavie Ukrainian Рiдна Вiра/Ridna ... The movement is at times intertwined with Slavic Vedism, and sometimes incorporates elements of Hinduism ...
Pierogie - Origin and Name Variants
... Eurasia, the specific name pierogi, with its Proto-Slavic root "pir" (festivity) and its various cognates in the West and East Slavic languages, shows the name's common Slavic origins, predating the ... The West Slavic Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks, as well as the East Slavic Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians and Rusyns, and the Baltic Estonians, and Lithuanians all consume this dish ...
History Of Italian Citizenship - Others and Fascist Discrimination - Venezia Giulia
... By 1923 Topnomy laws reinvented the identities of these provinces Slavic street names and monuments were changed to celebrate and promote Italian contemporary persons ... By 1924 the integration of the Slavic community of Venezia Giulia was further intensified as all foreign language newspapers were required to publish Italian translations and schools were prohibited ... formally put in place discriminating against Slavic Minorities ...
Early Slavs - Ethnogenesis - Religion
... Further information Slavic paganism, Saints Cyril and Methodius, and List of Slavic mythological figures Little is known about Slavic pre-Christian religion because of the scarcity ... found in apocryphal and devotional texts, the etymology of Slavic religious terms, and the Primary Chronicle ... The Slavic pre-Christian religion was polytheistic with no organized pantheon, though this changed over time ...